Monday, February 10, 2014


Why this blog

Internet is becoming so vast is it becoming more and more difficult to find good useful information .
This blog propose to gather useful informations related to travels by camper, especially 4x4 campers  ( more from Canada and USA for now) and technical information related to modifying vehicles for more off-road travels, back-roads, off the beaten path, beach, etc.
 Prior to start any  travel is it important to have information: how to better prepare the vehicle  and how to plan , where to go , what to see. This information we gather it through our voyages or found on internet and it was helpful to us that why we like to share it.
Vehicles caracteristics , modifications  for better off the beaten track travels.
Why 4x4 pick-up with truck camper for a go anywhere vehicle.
Travel planning,deals , tips, what to see/do, best places, our experience, scenic routes,travelling with small kids
Have fun


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